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Drs' Young & Young is a medical device R&D company which is started in 2019 by doctors who work for current hospital.
Our goal is making healthy world what is known as Korean word “무병장수” (Good health and Long life!).
Currently, we invented “VacKoSystem” and we hope it helps to end the COVID-19 pandemic.
We are developing various medical devices including health & beauty care that everyone longs for.
Drs' Young & Young communicates freely and has fun together and always expresses creative thoughts with a passionate mind.
We hope to work for sincere and healthy minded talents and moving beyond the No. 1 spot in Korea to the world's best based on various experiences in this rapidly changing world,
Drs' Young & Young will achieve the growth and development of members of the organization through constant learning and we will always try to be the best business partner.

Thank you.